Harness the Power of Small

Consumer demand is quickly trending toward smaller and thinner devices. These devices often require increasingly smaller electrical components and assemblies. As experts in small gauge, TLC Electronics can deliver the custom assembly you need no matter how small it has to be.

Cable Assemblies - Small Wire Gauge  36 Gauge wire assembly


We have the tooling and expertise to help you engineer products using the smallest electromechanical components and assemblies possible. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Fully automatic crimping to both sides of a wire less than 1" long
  • IDC a 36 awg wire into a .6mm pitch connector
  • Use automatic tooling for a 1.2mm pitch battery connector with a current rating of 2A
  • Crimp and poke 1mm pitch connectors with 32 awg wires

As the trend to go small continues, we're here to make sure you can give your customers the products they want.

Check out the Small Gauge wire video on our video page.  TLC Videos

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