When your needs go beyond a cable assembly or wire harness.

TLC Electronics can deliver the custom box build that will make your final product a success. From simple box builds to complex assemblies, we can build the complete custom solution you need.

Our Project Center services include:

  • Design and engineering services to assist with concepts, tooling and material selection for effective manufacturability.
  • Prototypes and samples that meet specifications and deadlines.
  • Design modifications that simplify and reduce costs in the manufacturing process.
  • Flexible production to respond to inevitable schedule changes.
  • Verification and testing, including electrical continuity testing, electrical testing and simulated functional testing.
  • Assembly and certification to UL, ISO 13485:2016 & IPC standards.
  • Consolidated supply chain management.
  • Certified ISO Class 8 clean room.

This video shows TLC Electronics assemble the Sentera PHX Agriculture Drone. The PHX is a highly-reliable, easy-to-use, hand-launchable fixed-wing drone that gives you the ability to view live HD video and capture a wide array of analytic data, including stand count, weed detection, and plant health using the newest variants of the Sentera Double 4K sensor payload.

Agriculture Drone AirplaneVideo Length: 2:39

All our services are designed to integrate with our Quick Response Manufacturing to give you the fast and reliable results you need.


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