A flawless final product doesn't happen by accident. To get the results you want, every aspect of your design must be carefully planned and tested prior to production. With First Articles and Prototypes from TLC, you'll end up with an assembly that meets your highest expectations.

First Articles

Wire and cable assemblies often seem simple, but one wrong detail can cost thousands of dollars and cause crippling delays. TLC’s First Article Process is designed to make sure your final product is exactly as you intend it to be so you don't waste time or money.

During the First Article Process, we build and carefully inspect a single piece to help ensure the final product is a success. With a First Article from TLC, you eliminate the stress of production so you can focus on your go-to-market strategies. A First Article:

  • Ensures correct interpretations of the drawing and specifications
  • Verifies lengths using fully routed cables, not just CAD drawings
  • Confirms connector-terminal and terminal-wire compatibility.
  • Builds process engineering documentation so every production assembly is identical

Whether you're building ten or ten thousand, a First Article will ensure production success.

Prototype Cable Assembly


TLC Electronics also offers prototypes and samples to our customers. Some key differences from First Articles are:

  • Samples are usually components, not assemblies
  • Prototyping happens during early stages of product development for proof of concept, not proof of design
  • Generally higher level production would follow after prototyping
  • First Articles follow a prototype before releasing to production

Contact us today to learn more about how First Articles and prototypes can help ensure your project will be a success.


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