1:52 - How to Crimp JWPF terminals using JWPF Hand tool.

5:15 - How to Extract JWPF Terminal from connector.

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The JST JWPF connector series meets the need for a small form factor waterproof connector. The JWPF series has an IP67 waterproof rating per IEC 60529. The JWPF series is on a 2.0mm pitch (contact to contact) and 4.0mm row-to-row spacing for double row versions. The overall size when mated is just 30.2mm for the wire-to-wire series and 21.0m for the wire to PCB version. The connector series offers a flexible, manufacturing friendly and cost effective solution to those customers looking for a reliable small factor solution for a waterproof IP67 rated product. JWPF connector series is offered in both a wire to wire and wire to board configuration. Use of tin plated contacts rated to 3 amps provides a cost effective solution. The connectors come with all seals pre-assembled eliminating the need for additional handling on the manufacturing floor. The JWPF Contacts are ‘clean’ to eliminate damage through handling. The Contact locking feature is internal to housing thereby eliminating contact back out.


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