1. Metz Connect offers Single Pole Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks.

    METZ CONNECT has developed a safe and simple single pole spring clamp terminal block specifically aimed at compact and low profile devices, and which meet today’s Safety, Reliability, & Convenience requirements perfectly. Single pole spring clamp terminal blocks SM99 and SR99 offer a flexible circuit board connection solution for most automation applications.           The single terminal blocks SM99 and...
  2. JWPF Waterproof Connector Series

    JWPF Series – Learn More Most waterproof connectors are large, expensive and difficult to handle in a production environment. The JST JWPF connector series offers a flexible, manufacturing friendly and cost effective solution to those customers looking for a reliable small factor solution for a waterproof IP67 rated product.  The connectors come with all seals pre-assembled eliminating the need for additional handling...
  3. World Products - Varistor Over voltage Testing

    Standard Varistor (Rated at 180 VAC) compared to a Thermally Protected Varistor (Rated at 180VAC) during abnormal Over voltage Testing (360 VAC Limited Current 10Amps).
  4. IP67 D-SUB CONEC SlimCon filters are the newest addition to the IP67 D-SUB filter connector family.

    CONEC has integrated one low-pass filter per contact in the very compact CONEC SlimCon connectors as another function. The IP67 CONEC SlimCon filter connectors thus offer not only protection against ingress of liquids and foreign substances, but also protection against high-frequency conducted interference. The low-pass filter is realized by completely encapsulated capacitor elements, connected from each contact to the connector...
  5. 6mm Omni-Directional Microphone from PUI Audio

    New Design Win for 6mm Omni-Directional Microphone: PUI Audio for all your Sound Solutions. Features: Omni-Directional, Super clarity, distortion-free response, Thru Hole type mounting, 33 pf internal capacitor. Product Overview • 6mm overall diameter and 2.2mm height with pin terminals • -46 dB sensitvity for use in most environments • Wide 2 to 10 VDC operating voltage and 50-16,000 Hz...
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