Sceptre Power

Sceptre Power designs and manufactures power supplies, power adapters and battery chargers for many OEMs in a wide range of applications. As an authorized distributor of Sceptre Power, we carry a full inventory of products to cover virtually every application including consumer, commercial, telecom, computer peripherals, industrial and portable electronics.

  1. SCEPTRE POWER<sup>®</sup> Announces Energy Efficiency Level VI Power Supplies

    The Energy Efficiency Level VI will go into effect on February 10, 2016, which requires no-load power not to exceed 0.1W for external power supplies ranging from 8W to 40W, and no-load power not to exceed 0.21W for external power supplies ranging from 40W to 250W. For power supplies over 250W, the no-load power is 0.5W maximum. For Active mode efficiency...
  2. SCEPTRE POWER® Announces 18W & 24W Interchangeable & Fixed Prong Wall Plugs are UL60065 (Safety for Audio & Video) Certified with Efficiency Level VI

    TLC Electronics and Sceptre Power announce the release of Sceptre Power's UL60065 approved 24W and 18W power supplies in both Interchangeable and fixed prong wall plug configurations. The interchangeable PXX series and the fixed prong PS series will be released March 1, 2016 with approval to UL60065 safety for audio and video applications. UL60065 is an Underwriters Lab’s safety standard...
  3. New 300W AC-DC Desktop Power Supply With Energy Efficiency Level VI

    Sceptre Power announces their new 300W single output, high efficiency AC-DC desktop power supply in compliance with the new DoE Energy Efficiency Level VI standard. It operates with over 87.5% efficiency and has a no load power consumption of less than 0.5W. AC input of 100-240VAC Standard straight or right angle output connector with other connector options available. IEC 320-14...
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