JST has been providing advanced connection systems since 1957.  JST product offering consists of Wire-to-Wire, Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board, Flex/Flat Cable, memory connectors, solderless terminals, chain terminals, shunts and application tooling.  JST provides advanced connection systems used in office equipment, entertainment equipment, home appliances, industrial machinery and medical devices.

  1. JST WPJ Water Resistant Series.

    The WPJ water resistant series wire-to-wire and wire-to-board crimp style connector by JST, was designed for both extreme moisture and non-submersion applications. The major uses of the WPJ series include automotive, appliance, underwater cameras, or non-water resistance applications. Three different control key patterns prevent miss-mating while their unique terminal structure has been designed to prevent mismatching while maintaining the contact...
  2. JST Crimp Chart - Check - points for correct Crimping

  3. JWPF Waterproof Connector Series

    JWPF Series – Learn More Most waterproof connectors are large, expensive and difficult to handle in a production environment. The JST JWPF connector series offers a flexible, manufacturing friendly and cost effective solution to those customers looking for a reliable small factor solution for a waterproof IP67 rated product.  The connectors come with all seals pre-assembled eliminating the need for additional handling...
  4. Wire to Board 8.8 mm Crimp Style Connector Offers High Reliability

    Wire to Board 8.8 mm Crimp Style Connector Offers High Reliability The new JFPS Series wire-to-board, 8.8 mm (.346”) pitch, crimp style connectors, offer high reliability and provide stable contact performance under high vibration, distortion, and high current conditions. The headers and housings incorporate polarization, keying, and secure locking features. The unique contact locking feature is internal to the housing...
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