Improvements in technology combined with US-based corporations rising need for speed are increasingly making reshoring of electronic assemblies a reality.

Every day at TLC Electronics wires are being cut, stripped and crimped at the volume of over 5,000 per hour to support new customer orders. It appears technology maybe leveling the playing field for American manufacturers and it may now make economic sense to manufacture in the U.S. where it didn’t before.

“As innovation cycles accelerate, US-based companies are looking for strategic partners that can be more scalable to match their aggressive time-to-market demands. TLC Electronics has invested in the latest automated machinery to compete with offshore production and recently launched a new website to support this demand,” said Jon Crofford, President at TLC Electronics.

Additionally, executives are now evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership to offshoring rather than, “where is acceptable workmanship at the lowest possible cost?” Analysis of inventory carrying costs, transportation costs, intellectual property risk, volatility in demand and long lead times are making innovative companies reconsider their risk verses reward proposition to overseas production.

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